Holiday Film Camp 2022 - The Dailies

"K-Tok" Commercial: "TNA Pods"
Featuring: Jerel, Tania

"K-Tube" Commercial: K! Coats
Featuring: Ava, Skylah

"K-Tube" Commercial: "Six 4 Stix"
Featuring: Alia, Ava, Kingston, Jerel, Raynbow

"K-Tok" Commercial: KAAY Lingo
Featuring: Ava, Skylah

"K-Gram" Commercial for "KAAY Lanterns"
Featuring: Alia, Ava, Jerel

"K-Tok" Commercial for "KAAY Jackets"
Featuring: Skylah

"K-Tube" Commercial: Kat Masks
Featuring: Alia, Ava, Jerel, Skylah

"K-Tok" Commercial: KAAY Jacket swap
Featuring: Alia, Kingston

"K-TV" Commercial: KAAY! Studios Holiday Camp
Featuring: Alia, Ava, Jerel, Kingston, Skylah, Raynbow, Tania

Short Film: Lemonade Stand
Featuring: Kaylei, Jace, Raynbow, Tania

"K-Tok" Commercial: K! TV's
Featuring: Raynbow + Ms. Kisa

"K-Tok" Commercial: Party Bags
Featuring: Jerel

"K-Tube" Commercial: Come Color with Me
Featuring: Raynbow

Short Film: The Art Theft
Featuring: Deauntae, Jerel, Jordan

Holiday K-CAMS™
Sponsored by: variety of K! Products

K-CAMS™: Alia
"Mr. Wiggles"

K-CAMS™: Ava

K-CAMS™: Deauntae

K-CAMS™: Jace

K-CAMS™: Jerel
"Mr. Wiggles"

K-CAMS™: Jordan

K-CAMS™: Kingston

K-CAMS™: Kaylei

K-CAMS™: Skylah
"K! Hat"

K-CAMS: Raynbow
"Mr. Wiggles"

K-CAMS™: Tania