Looking to win the Best Mom Ever Award?

In a world where everyone seems to be one step ahead, how do you ensure your child not only keeps up but stands out?

Discover how our exclusive studio experience can set the stage for your child’s success, confidence, and happiness.

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How can you set the stage for your child's success?

Successful adults in every profession should be able to command a spotlight to influence others.

Now beyond extracurricular activities — set them on a path to stardom that could shape their future success in any career field.

KAAY! Studios Moviemaking Experience What You Get:

$1500 Summer Special $1100

Be the first in your circle to secure this exclusive experience now and create memories that will not only inspire but could open doors for years to come in any profession.


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"You want to be here! I love KAAY! Studios."
Miles H.
Age 10
Every kid is creative. Every kid can benefit from exploring their creative side here.
Larry S.
I wish I had this when I was a kid! My son has always been shy, but his confidence at KAAY! Studios is incredible.
Crystal P.
I always learn and try something new here. I love the VR creation part. It's inspiring to see my ideas on-screen as an actor, aspiring director, and creator.
Age 14

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